Membership models are becoming very popular in our current state of healthcare. They go under many names  such as concierge or  retainer-based. In an age of very high deductibles many patients are realizing that their money may be better spent under one’s own  control with a proactive service tailored to their personal needs.  Having a closer and more intimate relationship with one’s physician is especially valued in a time of doctor’s demands to see more and more patients. Other noteworthy features include better access and enhanced coordination of care with a broader focus on preventive care. Many plans have more reasonable fees and the cost can be as little as a daily cup of a Starbuck’s latte. I will be offering an OPTIONAL membership program for my patients that offers the best of a traditional concierge but with my unique integrative and holistic  approach to build and enhance our connection.  I believe many concierge or membership programs as currently designed can be valuable however have real challenges and limitations:
  • Scans and procedures for all? There may be discussions about prevention and wellness but this usually means more procedures such as expensive scans and invasive tests. In my opinion there is an unfortunate and unwarranted undercurrent in the concierge movement that patients who are paying for more should get more radiology tests.
  • What does preventive health mean? Most doctors in the concierge world are excellent primary care doctors but have no deep sense of health and wellness nor knowledge and training  in integrative or holistic medicine. Thus there is a limited emphasis in the  important lifestyle areas of nutrition, fitness, and mind-body work. Moreover, there is not any experience in the essential areas of advanced laboratories analysis and nutraceutical/supplements support.
  • Limited consumer-friendly technology Not all of the important technologies are not being effectively used. Telemedicine or video calls can save time especially in this area of significant traffic. Many Electronic Medical Records are very similar with features that are very cumbersome for patients to navigate. New EMRs such as MD HQ which I use are specifically designed for wellness healthcare professionals and are more user friendly with highly functioning portal systems that allow better communication.
  • Same wine but different bottle? There may be more time spent with your doctor but the final plan often remains the same across the entire spectrum of practicing doctors – prescription medicines as a first line approach i.e. take a pill to match your ill and do more tests.
  • How deep is the collaborative network? In addition to the many excellent specialists in the area I have fostered meaningful relationships with fantastic healthcare providers across a large spectrum. These include: nutritionists, fitness trainers, advanced physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists/counselors, life coaches, and a growing group of physicians interested in integrative health.
hassle free prescription refill/management including Prior authorizations-no contracts to sign, no monthly appointment needed for refills  ♦  ♦
 Coordination of care  ♦  ♦
 No charge for letters,forms, or documents  ♦  ♦
Same Day or next day appointments-Priority scheduling  ♦  ♦
 Comprehensive email consultations  ♦ 8 emails  ♦ 4 emails
 Body composition analysis that includes body fat,muscle mass, and basal metabolic rate  ♦  ♦
Comprehensive Physical Exam and Initial Appointment  ♦  ♦
 30 minute office/telemedicine consult or follow up  ♦
Extraordinary access-cell phone of Dr Pappas to call or text  ♦
Special discounts on all supplements, in office or on our online dispensaries ♦ 10% ♦ 5%
Exclusive access to personalized wellness tools and resources
Fees as of June 2023 Silver- $ 3000/ year Gold – $ 4000/year
  • Family or group discounts For Gold Membership – 2 for $7,400 (For groups of 3 or more please contact the office for details.
Joe N.
“intersection of holistic nutrition and traditional medicine”

"Dr Pappas’ practice is the intersection of holistic nutrition and traditional medicine.  He has a tremendous intellectual curiosity and dedication to his patients which enables him to customize a treatment plan for each person.  I have worked with him for over ten years and his advice has helped me transform to a healthy lifestyle from Continue Reading