Teri Cochrane, CCP
“genuinely cares for his patients “

"I have known Dr. Pappas for nearly a decade. First as a patient, then colleague then, patient and colleague. I consider Dr. Pappas to be one of the brightest minds in functional medicine in the metro DC area. One of his greatest gifts is his thirst for continuing to learn and research the latest in…

Carrie C.
“Dr. Pappas has changed my life”

"I am 37 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Pappas since I was 26. In visits to innumerable doctors, I have never encountered one comparable to Dr. Pappas. I left my first appointment with him with a comfort I have never felt before and a relief knowing that Dr. Pappas was now…

Richard K.
” far and away the best doctor”

"My wife and I have been going to see Dr. Pappas over a decade, so we feel well qualified to comment on his abilities.  The fact is that we can’t say enough about his care. From entering his office and working with his kind assistant (Tamara), to the cleanliness and order of his office. He…

Dr Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College
“big-souled man”

“Sam Pappas is a big-souled man.  In his enthusiasm and quickness he exudes health as he protects it in his patients.  He reads widely, constantly, and deeply, and so a conversation with him is fun for the mind as it is beneficial for the body.  I recommend him strongly”

Maura P
“incredible experience”

"It is an honor to share my incredible experience of working with Dr. Sam Pappas.  For anyone looking for a physician who is a true healer, look no further than Dr. Pappas!  He uses a perfect blend of integrative and traditional approaches to medicine, further enhanced by his uncanny ability to zero in on the…

Bishop Julian Dobbs
“genuine interest and concern”

"Dr. Sam Pappas of Pappas Health has provided me with professional, pastoral and holistic medical services for almost a decade.  As my primary care doctor, I have discovered Dr. Pappas to take a genuine interest and concern in my physical, mental and spiritual health.  He has a unique ability to consider not only the presenting…

Joe N.
“intersection of holistic nutrition and traditional medicine”

"Dr Pappas’ practice is the intersection of holistic nutrition and traditional medicine.  He has a tremendous intellectual curiosity and dedication to his patients which enables him to customize a treatment plan for each person.  I have worked with him for over ten years and his advice has helped me transform to a healthy lifestyle from…

Tammi W.

"Over the past year, since beginning my partnership with Dr. Pappas, I have lost over 20 lbs, stopped all prescription medicines and "reversed the aging" process (not scientific - comments from friends)! After undergoing traditional treatments for ongoing stomach pain - including an endoscopy - I met Dr. Pappas, who through a series of tests,…