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Optimal Wellness Through A Mediterranean Lifestyle

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Experts in Functional Medicine

I wanted to introduce you all to some of my Functional Medicine team. These are on the front lines of getting people healthy. They are part of the support team for my patients around the world.
Dr. Sam Pappas and Joyce Pappas

Pappas Health

High Quality Care

At Pappas Health we strive to not only provide high-quality care but also conduct research into new approaches that could better serve those looking to alleviate their chronic conditions without resorting to backlit drug therapies

Patient Focus

Work with you to improve your health with a grounded in science and centered around dietary, lifestyle changes.


We educate our patients so that they understand the importance of diet and exercise as well as healthy thinking to alleviate chronic conditions.

Primary Care Services

Although the practice focuses more on consultative services, we will continue to have a primary care component available to patients who would like us to be a core part of their care team.
Dr. Sam Pappas

My Story

Dr. Sam Pappas

I am a son of Greek immigrants born and raised in New Jersey. I grew up with one foot in the Greek heritage and one foot in the American culture, whereupon such an interface of both worlds has left a unique imprint on my being and ethos. I am a twin and the eldest (by 15 minutes ) of three boys and was blessed to be raised in a loving and nourishing family where I was afforded the opportunity and freedom to unobtrusively pursue my passions of athletics and learning. My academic pursuits took me from New Jersey, to Pennsylvania, and finally to Cleveland, Ohio where I was fortunate to train at an excellent academic Internal Medicine program and more importantly meet my wonderful wife.