Primary Care

Pappas Primary Care Plus- $475 per year

Although my new role will include more consultative services than previously done, I will continue to have a primary care component. I have been blessed to have built tremendous relationships with my patients and would be like to continue to offer primary care services to my community. This will build on my prior approach of personalization, intellectual curiosity, and energetic partnerships but have easier access and more meaningful contact. I’d like to avoid many of my former patients having to find a new primary care doctor and start from scratch with a new relationship. As someone once said, the doctor-patient relationship is therapeutic in and of itself. However, I understand my direct pay model is not for everyone and I want to support what is best for your needs.

In my office, we have been fortunate to partner with Quest Diagnostics in our office. We are able to use insurance and bill for the tests, to minimize out of pocket costs. As a friend of mine so aptly put it, you will continue to have all your important and unique features but will outsource the mundane. In addition, my use of telemedicine/video call will afford you the opportunity of having many of your urgent needs taken care without having to come to the office.

The primary care program includes the following:

• Hassle free prescription refill and medicine management including preauthorization (no need to come in monthly or sign contracts to get the medicine you need)
• Coordination of care
• No charge for any letters, forms, or documents
• Like all patients you will have access to an improved Electronic Medical Record called MD HQ. This innovative program is specifically designed for integrative and wellness healthcare professionals and is more user friendly with highly functioning portal systems that allow better communication.

An important point is that any patient on the primary care program will need to be seen at least yearly either in the office or by telemedicine/video call. The cost of the program does not include this or any other visit.

Carrie C.
“Dr. Pappas has changed my life”

"I am 37 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Pappas since I was 26. In visits to innumerable doctors, I have never encountered one comparable to Dr. Pappas. I left my first appointment with him with a comfort I have never felt before and a relief knowing that Dr. Pappas was now Continue Reading