Comprehensive Email Consult

The Initial comprehensive consultation is for new patients to our clinic (does not apply to any existing patients)

Comprehensive Email Consult

I believe having the ability for patients to communicate via emails is an essential feature of any advanced physician group.

The advanced Electronic Medical Record we have allows for easy communication via the portal. Appropriate use of these emails would include request for prescription refills, administrative questions, appointment scheduling, and portal and website support.

These types of correspondences will not incur a fee. Because many patients have more involved questions or complex matters to discuss I have created a comprehensive email consult. This lengthier email is best used for more detailed questions.

For example, if you have a new but not urgent symptom or a side effect of a treatment that you want to share in some detail. Since they are more involved and will take some time for me to review and craft a plan we are changing a separate fee for this service.

However, I have found such emails often can take the place of a visit and as such are very convenient and cost effective. These email consults are included as part of my primary care and membership services.