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I began my journey in medicine as a young girl seeing my own family struggle with chronic illness which sparked my curiosity in science and medicine. I was born in Washington, D.C. and moved around a bit to Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina. While I graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Biology, I knew that I didn’t want to further into medical school but wanted a more investigative approach to medicine. I started my journey with Dr Pappas in 2010 after completing my certification as a Clinical Medical Assistant. I realized quickly that I wanted more to do in the medical field. After working with Dr Pappas and learning more from him by feeding my intellectual curiosity, I realized I have achieved more from his teachings in the last decade than I have from any school training. You will hear Dr Pappas refer to me as ” Jack of all trades”, ” The Bad Cop” , or “Biker Chick”. Each title comes with a story that I love to share with my patients. Not only am I Dr Pappas’ Clinical Assistant, I also work with patients on helping them achieve their weight loss goals, optimize overall health, and by giving them a personalized plan that will give them the confidence to overcome any struggle with their health journeys. We here at Pappas Health have coined this as “T’s Bootcamp”.  We couple your evaluation from Dr Pappas with sessions with me to optimize your overall well being. In 2007 I was close to 400 lbs, insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetic, out of shape, an alcoholic, and fairly depressed. My journey included a lot of self-work but unfortunately not much help from providers I was seeing. Guidance from Functional Medicine providers, my stubborn personality, hard work, and my “never give up” attitude got me to reverse my Diabetes, lose over 150 lbs, and found myself truly on the road to optimal health. In 2015, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer that I have been battling and fighting with traditional and functional medicine. This has only intensified my hunger to dive deeper into “why” of illness and chronic disease. While I am currently under treatment, I can say that working with my team and my patients has truly helped me heal more than any treatment could. I am a mother of two wonderful children and the wife of a very patient retired Marine “Oohrah”. My family and I reside in Arlington, VA and when we aren’t running to a basketball game, coaching my son’s Rec Soccer team, or other activities, we enjoy taking short road trips to expand our children’s knowledge and love of our great country. I look forward to working with you here at Pappas Health.  

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