Joyce Pappas is the Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, CFO, and overall big boss of Pappas Health. Joyce is a Cleveland, OH native and first-generation Lebanese Christian, former Critical Care Nurse and pharmaceutical researcher, who put her medical school career on hold over 20 years to get married to Dr. Pappas and start their beautiful family together. 


After being whisked away to NJ to help Dr. Pappas start his burgeoning health career and take care of her ill mother-in-law, Joyce got to experience firsthand the trials, tribulations, and meaning of Greek philotimo, drama, and tragedy as she battled the challenges and joys of motherhood and the importance of nourishing and caring for her ill in-laws and handicapped brother in-law. Joyce and the Pappas clan have been in Northern Virginia since 2004, is a mother of 3 children, and is the main reason for the success of Dr. Pappas and Pappas Health. 

As a strong woman of character, leadership, and faith she has often said -modern women can have it all but not always at once. Joyce is fluent in Arabic and has been known to give feedback to Dr. Pappas in both Arabic (with Tamara) and Greek. She is an active member of her local Greek church, enjoys British murder mysteries, binging on Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, and Harry Potter books, reminding the family how the Phoenicians spurred the Greeks on to greatness, and joining Dr. Pappas in their N of 1 self-health experiments.