Tamara Salem

A limited space cannot do justice to the unique and diverse skills, actions, thoughts, and accomplishments of Tamara. Affectionately known by many nicknames including but not limited to Chief of Staff, XO, Jack of All Trades, TNN, T-nation, and Biker Chick not to mention Clinical Chief and Office Manager to name a few;

Tamara has been at Dr. Pappas’ side for over 10 years. The year 2011 brought into Dr. Pappas’ life two dynamic and strong-willed women- Tamara and his daughter Evangelina, and none associated with the practice or family have been the same since. Whether coaching her son’s rec soccer teams to consecutive championships, working with wounded warriors, riding and tinkering with her Jeep, leading clients thru T’s transformative bootcamp, powerlifting, or doing volunteer work with those less fortunate; the distinctive warmth and loving ethos of the Palestinian warrior always shines through. 

Tamara’s biography is one of hardship and recovery. A flowering athletic and medical career were forced to be put on hold through challenging family circumstances that would have derailed most immortals. Falling but never failing, she has overcome more health challenges than all of us put together-reversing insulin dependent diabetes, repairing a damaged metabolism, putting chronic illnesses into remission, and achieving health goals that her leading medical specialists continue to be in awe of.

Like a Phoenix, Tamara continues to rise and lead our team to new levels of patient engagement and support, demonstrating that we are all heroes in our unique story but still benefit from a guide to help achieve our goals. A Palestinian Christian and fluent Arabic speaker and writer, she was born in Washington D.C. She exemplifies such  Mediterranean and Classical virtues as agon (struggle), arete (excellence), and generosity of spirit, always leading by example.